Resolutions for a Bright 2017

Jan 04, 2017

Resolutions for a Bright 2017

For solar installers:

  1. Safety first with all AC wiring

We all know what happens when you play with fire. Let’s add high-voltage DC electronics to the list of things we keep safely out of reach of our youthful, risk-taking loved ones. Here’s to less danger, and more risks of love and compassion, in the year to come.

  1. Plug and play — everyday

Imagine if you needed an electrician any time you went to connect a new device—a vacuum cleaner, a rice cooker, that deadly bug zapper—to a wall outlet. Plug and play is the only way for electrical systems to reach the masses. Set aside the yellow pages. Install plug-and-play microinverter and storage systems.

  1. Easy does it on the job site

Transforming the energy industry is tough enough. In 2017, let’s stop making storage installation so difficult by committing to a system that one person can bring online in a couple hours or less. No need for cranes or heavy equipment. If you really want a good work out, run down to your favorite CrossFit box and do all of this week’s WODs in one day.

  1. Work smarter, not harder

The future is now. That means solar inverters must support the transition to the smart grid by enforcing self-consumption when utilities limit energy exports and adjusting frequency and voltage settings to promote grid stability. Fine wines improve with age. Old solar technology does not. Get a smart inverter.

  1. Slow your roll

Truck rolls are time consuming and expensive. With remote performance monitoring at the module level, there’s no need for on-site inspection and troubleshooting. Cut down on your mileage this year. Instead, decorate the truck early this year for the Labor Day Parade.

For homeowners:

  1. All the storage you need, and no more

Want to pay something for nothing? That’s what happens when you buy more energy storage than you need. With a modular approach to storage, gain control over the energy you use, without the waste. Save the extra money for a true upgrade, like first-class airfare on your next vacation.

  1. Leave science experiments to the scientists

Batteries for home energy storage should be as safe as a pack of AAA batteries. They should be manufactured to global safety standards using a chemistry with low risk of thermal runway or catching fire. For a chemical reaction that will wow the neighbors, toss a Mentos mint candy into a bottle of cola.

  1. Don’t fall for the best thing since sliced bread pitch

Some salespeople will try to convince you that a battery attached to your solar system can solve all your woes. Don’t let them disappoint you. Be smart about the ways to integrate solar, batteries and a backup generator to meet your energy needs. There’s only so much disappointment to go around in the new year. Save some for your next losing round of Cards Against Humanity.

  1. Set down the feather duster

Energy storage is a smart home technology, but some storage systems are smarter than others. Those with passive cooling eliminate the need for noisy fans that spread dust through the air. And do you really want to check the fine print about whether forgetting to dust your storage system voids your warranty? If you want noise and dust, grab the kids and go play in a sandbox.

  1. Be the first on your block to get the Enphase Storage System

Energy storage can help you minimize your home energy bills by using stored energy at times when utility prices are highest or consuming energy that you can’t export to the grid. To find out when the Enphase Storage System will be available in your neighborhood, visit

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