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Overcoming Hurricane Season's Blackouts with Solar + Storage

Sep 25, 2020

From across the Gulf Coast and along the Eastern Seaboard, hurricane season in Florida is in full effect. And while we’ve already seen some devastating storms this year, unfortunately, there are more to come.

Year after year, one of the biggest challenges people face in the aftermath of a hurricane is blackouts. The lack of power can multiply the destruction and complicate every effort to get lives back on track. The stress and trauma brought on by natural disasters can be overwhelming, but we can limit the damage these storms cause with smarter technology.

How can you add reliable power in the face of the uncertainty of hurricanes and blackouts?

The Enphase Solar + Storage home energy solution is revolutionizing the way your energy works — and can spare you the lasting damage of blackouts.

Grid-Free Peace of Mind

Powered by our Ensemble energy management technology — the first and only grid-agnostic solar tech — Enphase Solar + Storage is the safe, powerful, and reliable solution to ensure you’re always up and running. Thanks to the combination of Enphase microinverters plus our Storage backup battery, your home can continue to have power, even during extended blackouts that plague your area. The technology turns your home into its own microgrid — using the power of the sun and running the backup battery, even when the utility company’s grid goes down.

With Solar + Storage, not only are you powered if the grid goes down, you also reduce your risk of a complete system shutdown even if your home sees partial damage during a storm. Our modular system design features a microinverter attached to every solar panel on your roof, allowing independent energy production from each panel. And since each microinverter operates independently, the undamaged parts can still function and keep you out of the dark.

How can Storm Guard help you prepare for incoming storms?

We’ve also created Storm Guard — a unique monitoring solution in Enlighten, our solar monitoring software — to help you prepare for any incoming storms that may cause blackouts. Storm Guard monitors severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service. If a severe weather alert is active in your area, Enlighten will adjust your Solar + Storage system to prioritize energy storage to help ensure you’re stocked up on energy for the night ahead. The combination of off-grid capability and proactive monitoring means you can have peace of mind leading up to a storm, and able to focus on other necessities.

Put it all together, and you’ll see Solar + Storage from Enphase ’s the most flexible — and resilient — system out there. And the only system there with you through the storm.

Let’s Get Through This Together

Hurricane season is just the latest complication to life in 2020. For many of you already working at home, you can’t afford for the lights to go out. But you can make sure your home is always-on — with Enphase Solar + Storage.

Whether you already have Enphase solar and need to add storage, or you’re looking for a whole new system, we can help you get started.

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