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Out With the Old: Drawbacks of Traditional Solar

Jan 17, 2020

Sometimes “traditional” is great: grandma’s casserole, the perfect morning coffee, chocolate chips in your cookies… but when you start to think about home solar, traditional just isn’t good enough.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest downsides of a traditional solar setup.

The Grid Reigns Supreme

Did you know the majority of home solar systems won’t work without being tied to a utility company’s power grid? No matter how many panels you have on your roof, you can’t harness the sun’s renewable energy unless 1) you’re wired to your local grid, and 2) that grid is up and running.

If a blackout causes your local grid to fail or a storm knocks out your power lines, a traditional solar system goes dark too.

Less-Safe Power Production

Many systems with traditional string inverters allow unsafe high-voltage DC power to run through wiring on your roof. It stretches from your rooftop panels to an inverter near your breaker box. If a wire gets damaged, DC power could cause a fire. (You can read more about DC vs AC safety right here — and learn how Enphase microinverters create an all-AC system for added safety and peace of mind.)

Outdated & Inflexible Technology

Most traditional home systems out there use only one inverter to convert the energy of all panels on your roof. If that inverter breaks down, your entire system goes dark. And with moving parts like cooling fans that can break down easily, there’s a constant risk that your traditional solar setup is going to have serious downtime.

With Enphase microinverters attached to every panel on your roof, you have no single point of failure. If one microinverter fails, the rest of your panels will still work just fine — keeping your production going. And with no moving parts, the risk of even one microinverter failure is reduced.

Enphase Has a Better Way

With so many ways for solar systems to shut down or be disrupted, the only way to make sure your system is always on is by going beyond traditional solar. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Enphase.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the world’s first and only all-in-one smart energy system — Ensemble. With our Ensemble technology, you can easily generate, store and control your energy in a single system. So if the utility company’s lights go out, your home can create its own self-sustaining micro-grid — giving you power even during long blackouts.

With Ensemble technology, Enphase is changing the future of home solar systems. So if you’re looking to go solar in 2020, an Enphase system is your best — and only — bet for safe, high-production, always-on solar.

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