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Options to Store Solar Power for Your Home in 2020

Jun 03, 2020

Residential solar installations now increasingly feature on-site batteries – both for new photovoltaic (PV) systems and for retrofits. This is because adding solar battery storage can amplify the financial and environmental savings that going solar offers.
However, many homeowners have difficulty with battery sizing. They understand the benefits of solar storage, but they are not sure how much capacity they need to accommodate today’s energy requirements – let alone how those storage demands might grow as they add additional appliances, electric vehicles, or family members in the future.
Even when the correct battery sizing is known, the right solution is difficult to find as most commercially available battery options come in a limited range of sizes. This forces homeowners to choose between too little or too much capacity:

  • Overcapacity drives up the total cost of your solar installation
  • Not installing enough makes you more reliant on grid electricity

Either way, those forfeit savings extend the payback period of your solar investment.
Fortunately, there is a more flexible way to store solar power for your home. At Enphase Energy, we have adopted a 3-pronged approach to solar battery storage that helps our customers increase the ROI of their clean energy investments.
How can you store solar energy in 2020? 
1. Modular storage technology
All our solar battery solutions are modular, including the:

  • Encharge 3™ storage system, which delivers 3.4 kWh of capacity
  • Encharge 10™ storage system, which offers 10.1 kWh of capacity

This allows you to install as little or as much capacity as you need – up to 40 kWh. Better still, the ability to mix and match these high-density batteries helps to remove any worries you might have about future storage needs.
Want to add more capacity tomorrow? No problem. Expanding your current battery system is easy since our storage solutions are AC-coupled, with best-in-class microinverters already built-in. This plug-n-play functionality removes the need to make any modifications to your existing PV system. In short, you can future-proof your solar savings – no matter what happens.
2. Free Solar and Battery Sizing Tool
Our modular storage technology allows you to design systems for your needs. But how do you know how much storage capacity you need for your home?
Use our System Estimator Tool to remove any guesswork. With this free tool, you can quickly calculate the battery size you need using filters like: 

  • Your home’s square footage
  • Your historic energy consumption
  • Local weather conditions (down to the ZIP Code)

To help you accurately calculate the battery size, the System Estimator Tool can even factor in how many air-conditioning units or electric vehicles you have (or plan to have in the future). 
3. Total Energy Management 
Ensemble™ energy management technology is the third and final component of our strategy for helping solar customers grow their savings. Ensemble technology controls your entire solar and storage system using rules that you set. For example, you can configure the platform to automatically:

  • Use electricity from your PV panels, stored solar power, or the utility grid – whichever is cheapest and most accessible at that moment in time
  • Top up your solar batteries whenever thunderstorms are on the horizon
  • Feed excess solar power into the grid – if you live in a state that offers net energy metering credits

Our Enlighten app enables you to track your system’s performance and monitor your solar savings online.
Let us design the right solar storage solution for you. Ensemble energy management technology is a flexible, modular, and scalable solution designed to deliver the highest possible solar savings in the industry.

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