The New AC Module: Higher Performance Solar is Here

Aug 30, 2017

The New AC Module: Higher Performance Solar is Here

In the past, when you had a solar system installed at your home, the installer would bring separate components that would be installed, assembled and connected on your roof.

Now, Enphase is changing all that.

Simpler Design, Simply Better Performance icon

Simpler Design, Simply Better Performance

By combining an Enphase microinverter with a high-quality solar module, we've created an integrated solar unit that streamlines installation, increases reliability, and optimizes performance.

There's no bulky inverter installation, no separate panel connection, and no complex DC wire management — With fewer pieces of equipment and more integration, these solar panel kits , allow for a higher-performing system without the need for optimizers or other add-on gear that ups the cost of most systems.

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Tested & True

We've spent years perfecting the technology of the new AC Module, with patent-pending designs and built-in optimization functionality to ensure the equipment performs exactly as it should, and lasts longer than traditional systems.

Get the AC Module

Utility costs are on the rise and the incredible new AC Module is on the horizon. Get started.

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