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A Moment to Reflect on One Million Enphase Systems Deployed Globally

Dec 20, 2019

At Enphase, we consider the milestone of seeing our one-millionth system installed as more of a starting point than a place at which we’ve arrived. Getting to this point required outsized measures of innovation, grit, and the belief that the longevity of solar assets demands highly reliable products. Getting to this point also required the dedication and trust of the many solar installers who have stuck with Enphase through thick and thin; these partners have our deepest gratitude. Finally, we want to thank one-million homeowners and commercial customers around the world who placed their trust in Enphase and continue to rely on our products and support services.

Our vision was always to make solar simple and energy smart and to make advanced energy systems with solar and storage accessible to people all over the globe. As we now look back on one million systems in the market, we also look forward to the era of grid-forming microinverters with Enphase Ensemble energy management technology. Ensemble technology will easily generate, store and control energy in a single system – designed completely by Enphase. It also enables the rapid and large-scale electrification of areas that may never need a grid at all. It has taken years of internal research and development and the evolution of power electronics and semiconductor technology to get here. Moreover, the honest—and sometimes difficult—feedback we have received from countless installers has helped Enphase manifest its vision in the form of high-quality and highly reliable energy products.

As we bring our eighth-generation family of microinverters with Enphase Ensemble technology to market, Enphase will once again demonstrate how we leverage semiconductor integration and scalability, a culture of continuous learning, and dedication to high quality to build the world’s most advanced software-defined microinverter. But what does this mean for home- and business owners who want safe and reliable energy that “just works?”

Enphase makes high-reliability energy systems simple to install and own. These fundamental principles have guided the company from the first through the millionth install. From the beginning, we understood that installers must have ease of installation while system owners demanded safety and ease of use, long after the experts had left their home. Of course, both required a system that provides years of reliability and high performance with a simple expansion and upgrade path.  Central to realizing this vision has been a laser-like focus at Enphase on delivering an outstanding customer experience. We consider our customers to be both the installers and the final system owners because both depend on Enphase to deliver high quality and exceptional reliability. Solar as well as solar + storage systems often represent the most significant investment for new builds or renovations. At Enphase, we take this investment very seriously. Energy system upgrades based on Enphase technology are therefore designed to deliver innovative features that are:

  • Safe – free of high-voltage batteries and powered by fire-resistant battery chemistry
  • Powerful – automatic backup, single-app monitoring and upgradeable
  • Reliable – no moving parts and a fail-safe design supported by a single company 

Here is a video from our One Millionth installation which we did with Grid Alternatives, our partner and USA's largest non-profit solar Installer.

We hope you will join to be part of the next million home and business owners who work with one of our amazing installers to start with solar or take the next step in adding or upgrading to energy resilience with always-on solar + storage based on Enphase Ensemble energy management technology.

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