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Introducing the Solar Bill of Rights

Feb 25, 2019

Last Tuesday, homeowners and solar consumers, businesses, and workers joined California State Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Jim Nielsen (R-Red Bluff) at the State Capitol to introduce SB-288, also known as the “Solar Bill of Rights.”

The Solar Bill of Rights is bipartisan legislation that protects the rights of all consumers to invest in, generate, and store their own energy from the sun and other sources of renewable energy.

So, what does the the Solar Bill of Rights mean for consumers? It guarantees:

+ The right to make and store solar energy on your property without interference from the utility

+ The right to connect your solar and storage to the grid quickly, without utility red tape

+ Freedom from discriminatory fees and charges associated with installing solar and storage technologies

“To meet our 100% renewable energy goal, we must make it easier for individuals, businesses, nonprofits and public agencies to generate their own renewable energy,” said Senator Wiener. “This legislation is about ensuring that we all have access to the benefits of solar and other sources of renewable energy.”

Want to learn more?

See footage of the event or read more about the Solar Bill of Rights and the Solar Rights Alliance.

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