Get to Know Team Australia

Jan 26, 2015

Get to Know Team Australia

It's no secret that our Australian team has undergone a growth spurt in recent times!

Having now been working together for over a year, the team is kicking goals and enjoying every minute. We want to take this opportunity to officially introduce you to each team member.


Nathan Dunn Nathan Dunn
Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

Charged with growing the company brand and market position throughout the Asia-Pacific region, Nathan joined Enphase after an 11-year tenure as managing director of GE Lighting Australia. Prior to that, he also managed LG’s telecommunications business in Australia and New Zealand.

Nathan says his favourite way to spend spare time is at the beach with his boys. “We are not all experts [at surfing] but being in the waves together (whether we’re standing on a surfboard, or falling off one) is evidently a great way to have a few laughs.”

Ben BishopBen (Benphase) Bishop
Distribution Account Manager, Asia-Pacific

A self-professed ‘solar addict’ with 10 years in the industry, Ben manages the working relationship between Enphase and our distribution partners. He holds a Cert IV in renewable energy and is a qualified grid designer.

For eight years, Ben managed two family-owned Battery World stores, at the same time establishing a solar business servicing the off-grid and leisure markets.

In other roles, Ben has managed RAA battery services, managed MPower’s solar business in two states, and even worked for a year at Middy’s Electrical.

Benphase loves playing with muscle cars and motorbikes, and wasting hours on You-Tube. And did you know he’s a bit of a clean freak?

Keera SingleKeera Single
Strategic Account Manager, NSW, ACT and WA

As the first point of contact for key installers across NSW/ACT and WA, it's Keera’s job to ensure they are trained on our products, stocked up with our brochures and are confident and efficient in installing Enphase systems. Previously at Q CELLS and having studied PV Engineering at University of New South Wales, Keera is a knowledgeable resource for installers to utilize.

Keera says a career highlight was his second year university project with Grupo Fenix in Nicaragua who made their own solar panels from broken solar cells (sorted and soldered by hand), window glass, aluminum off-cuts and plastic.

During the winter months you'll find Keera chasing a ball around the hockey pitch, yelling at his teammates, and then having a drink with them after the game. In warmer weather, you'd be more likely to find Keera at the beach.

Tom PrestneyTom (Tommy) Prestney
Inside Account Manager, Asia-Pacific

Previously at Energy Matters, Tom is tasked with managing relations between Enphase and the broad installer community of small businesses. His days are dedicated to introducing solar installers to Enphase, providing strategic know-how in relation to making the switch to microinverters and being the main port of call for incoming inquiries.

With a double degree in Science (Environmental Science and Geography) and Commerce and Administration (Marketing), Tom is passionate about solar technology and loves nothing more than to assist installers with their Enphase inquiries.

In his spare time, Tom will almost certainly be out on the town catching up with friends and enjoying the Melbourne music scene.

Florian NaumannFlorian (Flo Rida) Naumann
Strategic Account Manager, QLD

Florian came to Enphase with diverse experience across technical project consulting in the telco industry as well as having taught finance. He ventured into solar a few years ago with a Business Development role in solar project development before starting with Enphase in late 2013.

Based in Brisbane, Florian manages the on-boarding process of large installers in Queensland. Customers can leverage Florian by having him conduct sales training for their key sales staff, as well as getting help with the technical, operational and marketing rollout that comes with transitioning to AC solar with Enphase. In addition, he partners with installers in producing economic feasibility analyses of large-scale projects, often helping them to pitch and win jobs. Flo says the best part of his job is working with installers on many of Enphase’s first large scale commercial projects in Queensland. What really motivates, though, him is the opportunity to truly change the planet panel by panel, micro by micro.

In the Queensland heat, Flo spends most of his time swimming and kiteboarding the day away!

Andrew MitchellAndrew (Mitch) Mitchell
Customer Support Engineer, Asia-Pacific

On the team since only mid-2014, Andrew is already blazing a trail of shining customer feedback! Whether it’s over the phone, email or in person, Andrew is your first port of call for technical expertise or diagnostics to correct any issues that installers may face during design, installation or maintenance of a system. Installers can benefit from Andrew’s wealth of experience, including delivering over 2MW of remote power generation infrastructure including solar PV, wind, diesel and battery storage, powering thousands of homes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.  A career highlight was being introduced to the local delights of the Tahitian island of Makatea by none other than the Mayor, after repairing a damaged solar system and supplying 90 homes with clean energy.

In his spare time, Andrew shoots hoops and rocks the drums in two bands, Subject To Change and Torches.

Julia PfeifferJulia (Jules) Pfeiffer
Sr. Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific

Julia is your best friend, not only because she is brimming with award-worthy marketing ideas for your business, but because she holds the keys to our co-marketing program! Julia can equip you with everything you need to succeed with Enphase, from sales tools and marketing collateral to material for your website.

With a long history in solar with companies like BP and Q CELLS, Julia is also responsible for driving brand awareness through trade shows, Micro Meetups, the monthly newsletter, promotions and incentives.

A self-described hippie and true environmentalist, Jules loves the outdoors, yoga, rock climbing, good books and sharing great food with friends! Oh, and booking holidays!!

Piers MortonPiers (Bronson) Morton
Field Applications Engineer, Asia-Pacific

“When I was 15 my mother complained of having to keep changing a battery on her electric fence. I purchased a solar panel and regulator to keep the battery charged. Seeing what happiness a solar panel could bring, I was hooked. That was 25 years ago.”

With over 16 years of solar experience, engineering, manufacturing and installing solar products both on and off grid, Piers is another goldmine of knowledge for our customers. Piers assists designers, installers and business owners to select, install and commission Enphase products in compliance with regulatory standards to achieve performance at or beyond expectations. When asked for a highlight of his career, he said that influencing a change in the Australian solar standards was something he was proud of.

Outside of work, Piers keeps himself busy with home renovations and taking care of a young family of six.

Duncan MacgregorDuncan (Dunkin Donuts) Macgregor
Product Trainer and Field Applications Engineer, Asia-Pacific

As a CEC accredited solar designer installer and active member of the industry for over 12 years, Duncan comes well equipped for his role as Enphase Energy's product trainer and field applications engineer. He loves nothing more than to spend time with installers! Solar really is his passion.

Duncan's experience spans both large and small scale solar, on and off grid including battery storage systems. He has also provided specialist consultancy on projects in Timor, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Duncan holds a Cert III in Renewable Energy Systems, Practices & Design.

On the weekends Dunks is a family man, enjoying spending time with his two daughters. A mad keen cyclist, he can also be spotted most mornings arriving at the office in his riding get-up before getting stuck into a day’s work.

Josh McLarenJosh (McNuggets) McLaren
Sales Operations Manager, Asia-Pacific

With a strong sales background selling everything from organic juices to corporate telecommunications to solar, Josh entered the solar industry five years ago citing a need to sell something he believed in. It was clearly the right decision - a proud moment was selling more than 500kW over a six-month period purely over the phone. The burgeoning promise of what the solar industry holds is what motivates him.

Here at Enphase Asia-Pacific, it’s Josh’s job to ensure the flow of product from manufacturing to installation is frictionless, and he does a stellar job of it!

Josh loves cooking, has a home studio where he produces his own rocking tunes, and is also a walking encyclopaedia of funniest YouTube videos.

Andrew KentAndrew (AK47) Kent
Strategic Account Manager, VIC & SA

Our latest recruit, Andrew Kent, was tipped off about a solar job many years ago and soon realized it was a life-changing industry to work in. He’s never looked back.

Andrew joined us in late 2014 with a diverse career that includes being a renewable energy consultant, account manager, marketing manager and assistant to the national sales manager in product management. He says one highlight was his first ever sale in distribution - a full container of panels going into a 100kW site. In a past life, Andrew was also a telecommunication technician, sales rep and mortgage broker.

Andrew works with top tier installers from Victoria and South Australia to help develop and grow their business using Enphase, while also introducing new installers to Enphase and ensuring they are trained up on Enphase technology.

He loves spending time with his daughters, playing footy on weekends, and home renovations.

Olivia SmithOlivia (Liv) Smith
Communications Manager, Asia-Pacific

Olivia is responsible for building awareness in the Asia-Pacific market through the use of broadcast, print, digital and social media, often leveraging project case studies and customer interviews. This means not only showcasing what Enphase is doing, but more importantly how our installers are using Enphase technology to deliver superior results for their customers, and grow their business.

Olivia’s past roles include six years in advertising and campaign management, four years as marketing manager of national children’s charity TLC for Kids, and three years as a corporate event manager.

If you ask Liv what she’s up to on any given weekend, she will invariably say, “Bit of beach, bit of work, bit of cooking and a few movies!” She’s also a keen runner and has been known to encourage force team members to do race events with her.

PeppaPeppa (Peppi, Dr. Peppa)

Furry recruit, Peppi, is tasked with keeping the office mood light, ordering pats and cuddles as needed and generally just vacuuming crumbs from under desks.

Not afraid of hard work, this one will lie right next to it. You can always rely on Peppi to grab onto a task with both paws when the pressure is on. Cool as a cucumber, she sleeps straight through the most stressful of days and wakes up just in time for an afternoon puppacino.

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