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Future-Proofing Your Solar PV System for Long-Term Savings

Oct 19, 2020

The world is changing quickly, with new standards, technologies, and regulations emerging every day. Just think about all the obsolete phone chargers you have in the drawer – or how often you install new updates on your mobile device.

Again, the world is moving fast. And nowhere is this transformation more pronounced than in the energy industry. For example, solar panels were a fringe technology just 10 or 15 years ago. Today, the solar industry now employs more people than oil, gas, and coal combined.

This transition to renewable power is good for the planet. But many homeowners worry about what will happen to their own solar PV systems in the future:
  • Will their solar installations become obsolete as newer solutions emerge?
  • What about changes to peak demand charges or time-of-use (TOU) pricing?
  • Will solar net metering and other green incentives still be around?
  • What happens if you buy an electric vehicle or need more electricity in the future?

No one likes being locked into a decision – especially with so many changes on the horizon. However, with Enphase solar and storage solutions, it’s possible to future-proof your solar system so that it continues delivering reliable savings for decades to come. Below are just some of the ways that Enphase future-proofs your home energy solution – no matter what the future holds.

Future-proof home energy solutions

1. Protection from rising electricity costs and time-of-use charges

In a recent interview, a homeowner told us, “I don’t know where utility rates will be in the future, but they certainly will not be lower.” Installing our Encharge™ storage system helps to shield you from rising utility costs, including higher time-of-use rates for consumption during peak hours. With this powerful storage solution, you can store power on-site during cheaper hours to avoid buying grid electricity when it is most expensive. Combined with solar energy, you can “lock in” self-generated power to offset unknown future electricity costs from the grid.

2. Infinite expansion capabilities

It’s okay if you purchase a solar plus storage system to meet your electricity needs today, even if you think they might increase in the future. Thanks to Enphase’s modular design, our AC-coupled systems remove the need to modify other components when adding more solar and energy storage capacity in the future. Plan on buying an electric vehicle or expanding your home? No problem. You can easily add additional AC modules and Encharge storage units as needed – with minimal modifications required.

3. Put your solar savings on autopilot

Most homeowners are not tracking utility costs day to day or even year to year. That’s why we make our all-in-one system as seamless as possible to remove the guesswork on when you should consume solar power, stored energy, or grid power.

Our Ensemble™ energy management technology intelligently manages the electricity supply throughout your home via a user profile that you manage within the Enphase mobile app. Once configured, your system will automatically switch to the energy source that is cheapest and most available.

4. Backup power during grid outages

Worried about blackouts and grid outages? You are covered there, too. Our all-in-one solar plus Encharge storage solution allows your home to seamlessly switch between grid-connected and backup modes. Even if the rest of the neighborhood is without power, you can still enjoy access to reliable electricity from Encharge.

5. Over-the-air software updates

When using our Envoy™ communication gateway, every component in your system benefits from over-the-air firmware updates sent via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes it possible to upgrade your profile in real-time - based on local weather conditions, grid prices, and other variables.

These software updates help you extract the most power from your existing system, while keeping it up to date today, tomorrow, and many years into the future. Better still, you can manage and monitor all the above through Enlighten - our dedicated mobile app. Even if you are away from home, you still have cloud-based access to your PV system.

Let us help future-proof your solar savings

Predicting the future is hard. But the sun will rise tomorrow. And when using our range of high-performance home energy solutions, your PV system will be ready to catch every ray of sunshine hitting your roof.

To learn more about how our clean power solutions can future-proof your own solar savings, contact an Enphase installer in your area.

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