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Featured Installer: Summit Solar

Jul 11, 2019

Meet our latest Featured Installer — Summit Solar. Based in South Carolina, Summit Solar serves areas in the Southeast, where solar adoption is still low — like the Carolinas and Georgia. Thanks to their location, Summit has the unique advantage of helping to pioneer the way people think about solar. And that pioneering spirit starts by constantly seeking out the right equipment to provide the best experience for customers — from installation to operation, quality to reliability.     

Switching to Enphase

With 14 years of experience in the industry, Summit Solar has seen a host of improvements in solar technology and has had the opportunity to test out a lot of equipment. For a long time, they were using inverters made by an Enphase competitor — but they recently switched to Enphase.     

Always wanting to understand our customers better, we asked them why they chose Enphase microinverters as their go-to gear for powering panels and Enphase Enlighten for its monitoring software.    

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Quality + Reliability

In the solar industry, an installation is not as simple as “fit it and forget it.” If the system goes down, if the inverters fail, if panels break, the installer is usually under contract to fix the issue. Summit Solar was seeing a spike in system failures — inverters breaking, systems “blowing up” as the inverters couldn’t handle surges or process power properly. As the problems mounted, Summit decided to make a change. 

It wasn’t just a strategic move — it was a personal one, too. After exploring the options and seeing the gear operate out in the field, each member of the Summit leadership team was convinced that they would all prefer to go with Enphase on their own houses, too.      

After beginning to offer Enphase microinverters to customers, they found a big improvement in both performance and reliability. That meant more consistent energy production and distribution, better processing of the energy, and less downtime. That, in turn, led to fewer post-installation fixes, and happier customers. The Enphase test projects were so successful, they decided to exclusively work with Enphase.  

Another bonus for Summit Solar was achieving faster installation times. The crew found with every Enphase install, there was less work on the ground and in the electric panel, as well as less time invading the customer’s home. Most of the work was consolidated on the roof — where the panels were installed, saving a ton of time and making for an overall easier setup.     

The Enphase Installer Toolkit — combining progress monitoring and activation — was a big hit, too. With less guessing, the crew was more confident in their work.     

All in all, the faster times and happier crew made for a big jump in overall customer satisfaction. Combine that with the reliability and quality bump, and Summit Solar hasn’t second-guessed their choice to move to Enphase. 

Thanks to Summit Solar

We’re grateful to Summit Solar for sharing their story with us. If you’re in the Southeast and looking to go solar, be sure to look them up.

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