Featured Array: Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91

Jun 08, 2014

Featured Array: Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91

An Arizona community bands together in efforts to save taxpayer dollars by reducing the operating costs of essential public services. As a result, Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91 was given $75,000 to install solar.

The Mohave Electric Cooperative, a locally-based, not-for-profit distribution cooperative, provides electricity to more than 39,000 meters over 1,500 miles of line for several Arizona communities. To offset the energy being consumed, in addition to lowering utility costs, Mohave Electric created a renewable energy program that provides rebate funds for residential and small commercial members who install PV, wind, or solar water heating systems at their home or business.

The Mohave Electric Cooperative’s Renewable Energy Program also grants money for solar projects in its community. It looks for projects that will help lower the operating costs of public service buildings, such as schools, fire stations, and government buildings, that operate primarily from collected taxes.

Together with donations from the Huguenin-Rallapalli Foundation, a private nonprofit, the Mohave Electric Cooperative granted Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91 the money to install a 21.5kW system on their roof.

When the bid for the project went out, Sunquest Solar offered a solution unmatched by any other.

“Whenever we do a job, we always price both microinverters and string inverters,” said Doug Odum, Renewable Energy Consultant of Sunquest Solar. “String inverters may save a few thousand dollars off the initial costs, but microinverters offer greater long-term savings. Enphase is the obvious choice, every time.”

Firehouse #91 also chose Enphase technology for its proven safety. When it comes to solar and fire safety, firefighters have familiarized themselves with the current codes and policies to best handle emergency situations. The Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department understood the importance of having AC wiring run from the roof to the building’s electrical panel rather than high- voltage DC from string inverters, and they trusted Sunquest Solar to put Enphase on their roof.

Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91 will now produce enough of its own clean energy to offset nearly 90 to 95 percent of the fire- house’s energy consumption.

Aside from its advanced safety features, Enphase Microinverters were also chosen for their high performance in extreme conditions. The hot temperatures of the Arizona desert made it important for Sunquest Solar to install a system that wouldn’t sizzle in the heat.

“With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit on any given day, heat on the roof magnifies,” said Odum. “We couldn’t be happier with Enphase’s performance in Arizona’s harsh environments. Being able to offer reliable and efficient technology makes our job easier and our business more successful.”

Client: Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department #91
Location: Fort Mohave, AZ
Installer: Sunquest Solar
System Size: 21.5kW
Microinverters: Enphase M215
Modules: Conergy PE 255P

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