Featured Array: Aged Mineworkers Homes Association

Nov 05, 2014

Featured Array: Aged Mineworkers Homes Association

Registered charity, Northumberland Aged Mineworkers Homes Association (NAMHA) specified the Enphase solution for homes of retired miners and miners’ widows. NAMHA wanted to decrease living expenses of their residents, so they hired Saving Energy Renewables North East to install solar.

Saving Energy is a family run business established in 2007 with a mission to help vulnerable people and protect the environment. So when Saving Energy Renewables North East, a new division of Saving Energy, was selected as the installer for a pioneering charity project set up to help the elderly and those in need, they were delighted. Northumberland was one of the largest mining communities in Europe, and when the mines closed, NAMHA was established in order to provide purpose-built bungalows for the retired miners and miners’ widows to reside in.

NAMHA identified solar PV as an ideal way to decrease the living expenses of their residents. With the PV generating a large portion of the resident’s energy demands, they will be saving on their electricity bills.

Since many of the bungalows are in terraces, Enphase technology saved the installer from many potential design complications. With strict guidelines around trimming trees, and a number of chimneys at the sites, Saving Energy required a system that was going to utilize as much of the available daylight as possible. Energy generation loss was simply not an option. The Enphase System provided the ideal solution.

Saving Energy is experienced in delivering large projects on time and on budget.

Enphase’s one-technology-fits-all-roofs solution simplified the complicated project and worked well with Saving Energy’s complete project management approach. For this project, safety and reliability were also paramount—and a priority for both Saving Energy and Enphase.

The 4,000-module installation is located over 39 sites within the Northumberland area totaling approximately 400 homes. Every site’s topography and solar access levels are unique, requiring every single property to have a technical and shade analysis survey.

The installation began late January 2014 and is due for completion early 2015.

Enphase has benefited Saving Energy by being able to offer a system that provides complete peace of mind. From safety to higher energy harvest gains, plus maximizing the 20-year return on investment, Enphase was the only choice.


Client: Northumberland Aged Mineworkers Homes Association (NAMHA)

Location: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear

Installer: Saving Energy Renewables North East

System Size: 1MW

Microinverters: Enphase M215

Modules: SolarWorld SW250

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