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“Technical, approachable, valuable” - Enphase Storage Training Feedback

Mar 26, 2020

Enphase Storage is coming soon — and it’s going to revolutionize the way people think about solar systems. We are providing installer training to help solar companies get ready. At this special in-person training led by the Enphase team, you’ll get thorough and hands-on guidance that will set you up for immediate success with Enphase Storage. We recently conducted the first couple of Enphase Storage training sessions and our attending installer partners had some great things to say about it.

Enphase Storage Top to Bottom
The most appreciated aspect of our training was the thoroughness - covering most of the major features of Ensemble technology, from component compatibility to wiring, but with enough simplicity to make it all accessible for any pro installer. Marcus Gayou, CEO of Guyou Construction, raved about the “equipment and holistic explanation and coverage,” and called it a “perfect combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction.” Another attendee said the training is a “deep-dive into the components, functionality, and operation of the system.” Several attendees liked both the depth and breadth of our Enphase Storage training. Here’s some additional attendee feedback:

  • “Knowledgeable instructor, design considerations and hands-on training helped me to understand it from the sales and installation view.”
  • “Combination of theory and lab, plus highly interactive.”
  • “The training covered a broad spectrum, most of the pieces needed to design and install an Enphase Storage system.”

In fact, Jim Jenal from Run On Sun has also posted a fabulous review on his website blog.

Hands-On Learning
The training event isn’t an information-packed cram session where you’re stuck in your seat the entire time. It’s designed to ensure all kinds of learners get the most out of the session. That’s why much of the training is hands-on, interactive, and highly engaging. Over 50% of the 100+ responses included a note about the hands-on portion of the training:

  • Raul Vergara Jr., Service Manager at Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, called the event very informative and said: “the hands-on time was invaluable.”
  • Jim Gitas, CEO of Your Energy Solutions, mentioned, “as a visual learner, [it] is the most effective learning path for me.”
  • And another attendee gave a big thumbs up for the “excellent hands-on course with friendly instructors who know the product.”

Designed for You
We have designed the Enphase Storage installer training to make the most of group sessions, while also providing ample opportunity for asking individual questions and getting real answers. We are glad attendees received the right value for the time they invested in the training:

  • “Good pacing overall. Lots of repetition to ensure retention of information.”
  • “Lab and class sessions and discussions were good as was timekeeping.”
  • “Ability to interact with program managers and get answers to questions that have not been able to get answered previously.”
  • “Valuable direct experience with product and answers to technical and other kinds of questions.”

Getting Serious About Enphase Storage
If you’re still on the fence about the training, consider this attendee’s advice: “If you are serious about Enphase Storage you must take this course.” We are excited to help all our installer partners get ready to sell and install Enphase Storage products, the future-proof solar and storage solutions.

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