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Enphase Storage technology and the evolving energy marketplace

Mar 05, 2021

The energy marketplace has changed drastically over the last decade. Before solar and other distributed energy resources , the process was pretty straightforward: your home was a “buyer” of energy, and your local utility company was the “seller.” When your home needed electricity, it would automatically draw it from the electrical grid, or what we refer to as simply “the grid.”

Today, things are a bit more complicated. Not only are there are different electricity rates at different times of day (referred to as “time-of-use rates” or TOU), but there are different ways your home can get its energy. Your home can draw the solar energy produced from a rooftop system instead of energy from the grid, and a battery energy storage system can store energy for later use. Plus, some you can sell any unused solar energy back to the utility, meaning you become both a seller and buyer of energy.

However, even as the energy marketplace has evolved, customers have still had limited choices.

Rooftop solar increases the owner’s freedom of choice, as you’re able to choose whether you want to use your solar energy or buy energy from the grid. However, this is only when the sun is shining and producing solar energy; you’re stuck with using grid energy when the sun sets. Even with rooftop solar, your choice about where your energy comes from is still somewhat limited.

Enphase Storage is about the power of choice.

With Enphase Storage, we’re putting the power of choice completely in your hands. That means that you are able to choose the best or lowest cost option for your home’s energy consumption, while having the peace of mind that if the grid goes down, you’ve got backup power.

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Making Homes Smarter

The energy marketplace is evolving and will continue to evolve. That’s why we created Enphase Storage.

Enphase Solar and Storage is, in essence, a solution that empowers you to be decision-maker in the energy marketplace, not simply be a consumer. You get to decide when and how your home is powered by the grid or by the sun, as well as whether to keep the extra energy your home produces or sell it back to the grid. Best of all: it’s a system that learns as it goes, makes decisions in an instant, and is constantly optimizing itself to provide the best economical and sustainable choice every minute of every day.

The Future of the Energy Marketplace

Enphase Storage isn’t just going to be a key player in the energy marketplace; it’s going to change the energy marketplace – and your role in it – altogether. With Enphase Storage, the power is in your hands and the choice is yours.

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