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Enphase Storage now compatible with Enphase M-Series microinverters

Jan 12, 2021

Enphase Storage is now backwards compatible with M215 and M250 microinverters

Enphase Storage is now accessible to more existing customers than ever before.

Enphase is excited to announce a new software package that enables compatibility between Enphase Storage and our M215 and M250 microinverters. As you know, Enphase Storage was originally compatible with Enphase IQ 6™ and IQ 7™ microinverters, making new solar plus storage system installs seamless and simple.

However, our team at Enphase was aware that retrofits required installers to take the extra step of upselling and replacing M-Series microinverters with Enphase-compatible ones. With this software update, we eliminated this extra step and opened up over 400,000 existing customers to a storage upgrade.

The retrofit process is now almost identical to that of a new install; the customer only needs to replace their Envoy-R Communications Gateway with our latest Envoy-S Metered gateway, as they would for any combined solar plus storage upgrade. And because our software updates are transmitted wirelessly, backwards compatibility is quick and painless. In short, retrofits are now as simple as new installations!

Upselling your existing customers with Enphase Storage

With this new software update, it will be easier than ever to upsell existing customers to Enphase Storage. To help you communicate its value to your customers, here are some of the benefits of adding Enphase storage to an existing solar system:

  • Maximum reliability: Enphase solar and storage systems offer exceptional reliability. Just like the Enphase micro technology on the roof, we designed Enphase Storage with integrated microinverters so that if one fails, the other microinverters can still get the job done. It’s like a backup for your backup.
  • Smart backup power: Our intelligent Storm Guard™ feature prioritizes charging your battery when severe weather is forecasted so that your system is ready to provide your home with backup power during weather-related grid outages.
  • Load shifting: With smart storage, you can consume electricity from solar or your battery instead of from the grid during high utility rate periods. This avoids expensive peak rates, such as during evening hours.
  • Seamless support: Thanks to the Enpower™ smart switch, the integrated system will seamlessly transition to and from on-grid consumption. This means there will be no disruption to your customer’s power if a grid outage occurs.
  • Real-time system monitoring: Access detailed real-time production and consumption data of your entire system from the Enlighten mobile app.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do what you do best – install quality systems. You can leave the rest up to us.

While Enphase installers do not need to attend any extra training for this upgrade, we have provided more details about M-Series compatibility in our updated Planning Guide. You can find all the information about M-Series compatibility on the new Storage for M-Series website, which includes FAQs, installation guides, and more.

Still have questions? Reach out to your Enphase Account Manager or contact Enphase Support.

(Please note that this software upgrade is only for M215 and M250 microinverters; other legacy microinverters are not supported by Enphase Storage.)

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