Empowering Solar Change Through GRID Alternatives

Feb 24, 2015

Empowering Solar Change Through GRID Alternatives

Enphase’s worldwide presence as a technology leader is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of the Enphase team. Employees come to work each day knowing their technology has offset more than 1.9 million tons of carbon emissions across the globe.

But that’s not all—Enphase employees actively participate in GRID Alternatives installations throughout the Bay Area, giving back to the local community. Enphase’s long-term partnership with GRID, whose mission is to make renewable energy and solar job training accessible to underserved communities, gives Enphase employees hands-on experience with their technology while bringing the benefits of solar to low-income families.

February’s two-day installation in Windsor, Calif., marked the first of four Enphase-GRID volunteer events for 2015.

17 volunteers took to the roof of the Windsor family home to install a 1.6kW Enphase System and help them save thousands of dollars for years to come.

“Working with Grid Alternatives was a fabulous experience. It was a great way to spend time with coworkers from various departments and learn first-hand just how simple our Enphase System is to install,” said Enphase volunteer Warren Eik. “The grin on the face of the homeowner’s son when he powered on the system and was able to see the power production in MyEnlighten was absolutely priceless.”

The results of the installation were two-fold. Enphase employees spent the day with their coworkers, bonding over wire and mounting racks while the family gained a new PV system that will change the way they use energy forever.

The family’s system is expected to produce 89,750kWh of energy over the course of its lifetime and prevent 40 tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

The best part: their Enphase System will generate an estimated lifetime savings of $13,500!

“Knowing how electric bills can consume significant dollars, it’s great to know we helped a family with a considerable need that will continue to benefit them for years to come,” added Eik.

Read more about Enphase’s partnership with GRID and see how the lives of low-income families have been changed by solar.

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