Credibility Counts in a Surging Solar Market

Sep 16, 2014

Credibility Counts in a Surging Solar Market

Anyone working in solar knows that the industry is hot. With residential installation growing at more than 60 percent a year and more jobs than coal mining, solar is officially in a boom.

That’s good news for all installers, but a rising tide doesn’t float all boats equally. What does it take to grow as fast as, or faster than, the surging solar market?

This question was on Enphase’s mind when Charlotte Harris, who heads Enphase’s customer advocacy program, designed a survey of system owners. We made sure to develop questions that would help us find out more about how solar customers find and choose their solar installer. And the results from the 3000+ Enphase owners who answered were revealing. We found that credibility and reputation of an installer is critical.

We’ve pulled together the four most interesting findings from our survey and packaged them into an infographic for solar installers seeking insights into marketing to homeowners in a booming market.

Check it out!

2014 Enphase Infographic

If you want to know more, check out our webinar on Selling Quality in a Price-Driven Market.

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