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The Better Battery: Safe AC Solar Storage

Mar 02, 2020

Backup batteries for solar storage are becoming more and more popular every day. Whether you want to use clean solar energy after dark, or you need to ensure you’ll stay powered during a blackout, a solar battery is the perfect solution.
But a lot of people wonder about solar storage: are the batteries safe?
Short answer: Yes! The new Enphase Enchargestorage system is among the safest backup batteries around. Need the longer answer? Keep on reading.
All AC = Safe and Sound
We recently explored the superior safety of the all-AC Enphase system — showing traditional systems that run unsafe DC through the wiring outside your home and how an Enphase solar setup stacks up against it. The same is true for the Enphase Encharge storage systems— it’s an all-AC storage solution, from your microinverters all the way to the electronics in your home. So you never have to worry about unsafe DC or the fire hazards that come with it.
Safer Battery Chemistry
Enphase Encharge storage systems are made with LFP — lithium iron phosphate. The most advanced rechargeable battery chemistry, LFP batteries are cobalt-free and have the best thermal performance compared to other Lithium-ion batteries with minimum risk of overheating, fire, or explosion.
Plus, adding safety doesn’t mean losing power. Since LFP batteries can handle high levels of storage and output, you’ll find Encharge storage systems will supply the power you need while also providing the benefits of safer solar storage.
Why are Enphase batteries safer?
No high-voltage DC plus safer battery chemistry means you get the backup energy you need without the risks.
For New and Already Installed Systems
Safety is just one reason why the Enphase storage system is better. Encharge storage systems can be easily connected to a new Enphase solar system for your home or added to an Enphase system (with IQ6 & IQ7) that’s already on your roof. They can be charged using excess power produced by your panels, and also draw power from your local grid.
The safest technology, plus powerful performance and versatility — that’s the new Encharge storage system. So if you’ve been wondering if a battery system is right for you, there’s never been a better time to explore storage.

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