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Best practices during a grid outage with Enphase Storage

Dec 08, 2020

Some power outages only last a few hours, but others can stretch on for days. To extend your Enphase Storage system’s ability to support your home’s power needs over prolonged periods, we recommend that you actively minimize and manage your energy consumption. This includes:

  • Turn off energy-intensive appliances. This includes the appliances in the list below and other power-hungry devices. If you do need to use one of these items, Power Start™ will automatically detect and mitigate the power surge required to turn on the appliance, preventing your system from overloading. This allows the appliance to turn on safely, using significantly less power than what it normally requires, while also keeping your system up and running.
  • Reserve power for the most essential items. Essential loads vary from home to home, but most often include refrigerators and freezers, communications and entertainment devices, lights, and electrical heat and/or air conditioning. Your Enphase installer can also help you identify your critical loads in order to configure the appropriate settings for your storage system.
  • Track your energy consumption. The Enlighten™ mobile app will provide you with real-time energy availability and consumption monitoring to help you manage your energy usage during an outage.

If your battery runs out of power: Once connected back to grid power (or solar power), your batteries will charge and come back online within the next 24 hours. If your battery goes offline for any other reason, it will conduct a self-diagnosis and will automatically reconnect itself within 15 minutes.

In the unlikely case that your battery does not recover and reconnect within these timeframes, please contact Enphase support.

To see how much energy storage capacity you might need for your home, check out the Enphase System Estimator or speak to a local member of the Enphase Installer Network.

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