Amp up system monitoring with Enlighten Kiosk View

May 01, 2017

Amp up system monitoring with Enlighten Kiosk View

Displaying performance data in a place where many people see it, like the lobby of an office building, is a nice way to enhance system monitoring. The option is available to all Enphase System owners via Enlighten’s Kiosk View setting. Visitors may recognize patterns in the results and provide feedback if they notice something unusual. Ten sets of eyes, or a hundred, are better than one. Anytime a system is underperforming, it’s best to notify a technician as soon as possible. Putting system performance on display also reinforces the environmental and social impact of going solar with Enphase.

Enphase built these display settings into Enlighten in simpler times when it was enough to show pictures of the solar module array, lifetime energy output, and some additional site information. System owners have more urgent needs for performance data now. We’re addressing those needs by automatically updating the summary data shown to visitors every five minutes. The new functionality is included in the latest Enlighten software update.

Enphase maintains a help center to answer frequently asked questions about Enlighten. To learn about turning on display settings and customizing the information that visitors can see, please visit the Enphase Kiosk View page.

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