5 Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill

Apr 27, 2016

5 Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill

1.) Switch to LED light bulbs

Did you know that it only takes a 6W LED bulb to put out the same light as a 60W incandescent bulb? According to Energy.gov, good quality LED bulbs have a useful life of 25,000 hours or more, making them 25 times longer lasting than traditional bulbs. And as an added bonus for our planet, they do not contain mercury, which means they are more environmentally friendly. These days LEDs come in many flavors, including Smart LED’s, such as the Phillips Hue, which can be controlled by Bluetooth through their app so that you can turn on and off your lights from anywhere, anytime. Other useful and enjoyable features include being able to set a timer for your lights, dimming, even syncing them with music. Many of these smart bulbs on the market also have the ability to change color on command, allowing you to set the right mood for every room.

2.) Replace appliances with Energy Star rated products

Energy Star rated appliances have always been on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, and they continue improving with time. Whenever you are shopping for a new device, many times something certified by Energy Star will be available. This will make for more efficient use of your solar power, and take you one step further in saving the environment.

3.) Turn off your entertainment systems when not in use

In the interest of booting up faster, many consumers now opt for placing their electronics into stand by mode rather than completely shutting them off. For instance, gaming systems like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 tend to be left “always on” even when powered down so that their users can return to the game and start up faster. While you may assume this is an energy saving feature, it still has a significant impact on your energy usage. According to a study done by the NRDC, a game console such as the PlayStation 4 draws 130W while it’s waiting which translates to an estimated $142 in additional electricity costs for the year. You can save a significant amount on your utility bill simply by turning your entertainment systems all the way off when you sleep, are not home, or when they are not in use.

4.) Coach your kids

We’re getting so accustomed to constant use with our devices, and are easily distracted in our busy lives. Even when we’re home, it’s easy to forget who’s using what when we’re moving about the house, and it’s not an uncommon occurrence in households with kids, to have them go from one room to the next turning everything on, but completely forgetting to turn anything off as they leave. This can add up to very large power usage over time that is costly but preventable. You can find resources online to help make learning about the importance of saving energy fun, and even make turning off the lights when you leave the room into a game. By teaching them how they can do their part in saving you money and helping to save the environment, you’re providing awareness that benefits everyone.

5.) Get a smart thermostat

Heating and air conditioning costs tend to be a rather large portion of our electricity bills. If you have assured that your air systems are up-to-date and in good working order, there is another way to help you further optimizing your energy usage and efficiency when heating and cooling your home. Consider installing a smart thermostat. You might wonder what a smart thermostat does differently from a traditional one. A smart thermostat is easily programmable to run air systems only when you want them, control the temperature according to your needs throughout the day, and some can even learn your patterns to and begin customizing the programming on its own. This will save you quite a bit of money, make life easier, and make your home more comfortable too.

It’s a satisfying thing to be a solar system homeowner and to watch your utility bill shrink so noticeably right away. By following a few more steps in energy usage, you can cut your costs even more and feel good about how you’re helping the environment as well.

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