Solar Energy Facts from Enphase

The real costs of solar: conventional inverters vs. microinverters

Sources and assumptions

¹Source: US Solar Market Insight, 2014 Year in Review, GTM Research.

1. 20 year investment period

2. Average electricity prices sourced from EIA as of December, 2014 (can be updated)

3. SREC revenue for select states based on internal Enphase estimates

4. Reserve for hardware and labor assuming string inverter equipment replacement in year 11.

       A. Assume 2.0% increase is labor costs over time

       B. Assume a 2.5% decrease in hardware costs over time

5. Reserve for expected labor expense to replace limited microinverters over 20 years

        A. Assume 2.0% increase in labor costs over time

6. Assume string annual average O&M costs for system size from NREL estimates. Assume Enphase annual average O&M costs of Enphase Energy Services.

7. Enphase installed cost calculated using internal estimates for Enphase inverter and system costs relative to String inverter and system costs.

8. Assumes US Federal ITC of 30% of installed costs