California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) now has more options than ever to help customers afford energy storage. If you have a customer interested in applying for California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) — or you want to connect with new customers who are looking into SGIP — you will first need to make sure your company is pre-approved as a SGIP developer.

Below you will find information on what role installers play in the process, and how to ensure you are set up with SGIP.

We have our in house team of experts who can apply on your behalf, register with the SGIP program and also apply for the incentive after Encharge batteries are installed. By paying a small fee, you can avail this hassle-free one-stop solution through our application portal in the MyEnlighten web and mobile application.

Our experts will take care of the step by step process of registration and Incentive claim. We will ask you for the specific information and documents wherever required for the application. Click here and login through MyEnlighten app to begin the SGIP application process.

Encharge™ storage system specification for SGIP

Encharge storage systems are among the approved list of energy storage devices registered in the SGIP program.

System Details  Make Model Energy Storage Quantity SGIP verified Storage Capacity kWh SGIP verified Storage Power kW SGIP verified system duration hrs
Energy storage device with integrated inverter Enphase ENCHARGE-3-1P-NA 1-unit 3.235 1.28 2.527
Energy storage device with integrated inverter Enphase ENCHARGE-10-1P-NA 1-unit 9.706 3.84 2.527

Please refer to the complete Encharge model details and technical specifications in the specification sheet here while submitting an application for the SGIP incentive.

Eligibility for Applying to SGIP

Every SGIP application should be associated with a registered developer, which is a system installer or company that holds the contract for equipment purchase and installation. The developer supports the applicant by providing all the necessary documents and completing the installation process. Each developer is limited to 20% of the SGIP incentive funding from the total incentive budget at each step in that category of SGIP.

To install the SGIP applicant’s energy storage system, you should make sure your company is listed as the developer. The list of pre-approved SGIP developers can be found here at the SGIP website.

Need more info about SGIP?

If you have questions about SGIP or how Enphase Storage solutions qualify for the incentive, send us a note.