Protection Program

Labor Protection Program for extended comfort and savings

With the new Labor Protection Program (LPP) service, our installer partners in the U.S. can now purchase Commercial Service Contracts extending labor reimbursement for Enphase IQ™ microinverters for an additional 3 or 8 years, thereby extending the period for labor reimbursement eligibility to up to 5, or 10 years from the time of product activation.

This Labor Protection Program, in conjunction with Enphase’s industry-leading, 25-year standard limited warranty for microinverters provides ultimate peace of mind. The 3-year (years 3 to 5 after the activation date) and 8-year (years 3 to 10 after the activation date) LPP Commercial Service Contracts supplement Enphase’s existing 2-year Labor Reimbursement for Warranty Service Program that is provided to Installers with every IQ microinverter installed in the United States, with the exception of NY, Oregon and Hawaii.

Enphase Installer Network (EIN) partners are be able to buy LPP Commercial Service Contracts at a discounted price based on their EIN tier at the time of purchase.

A certificate will be issued to the Installer for each LPP purchase. That certificate will contain the LPP Commercial Service Contract terms and conditions, the invoice, the name of the Installer entitled to reimbursement, the site for which the LPP has been purchased, and the dates during which the LPP is valid (site activations, LPP purchase, LPP expiration).

Enphase is offering this program as a Commercial Service Contract. This is not a policy of insurance and is not a consumer contract.

Program Details

Product Eligibility

Eligible Products:

  • Enphase IQ microinverters that are within 2 years from activation date

Non-eligible Products:

  • IQ microinverters embedded in the Encharge™ storage system, Enpower™ Smart Switch or part of the AC modules

Labor Reimbursement Amount

  • $125/truck roll
  • $25/Inverter replaced
  • Not to exceed $10,000 for each covered site



Installers will be able to purchase the LPP Commercial Service Contract through Enlighten Manager. This offer is made to commercial Installers only and will not be available to homeowners, or self-installers. Enphase will require each Installer purchasing an LPP Commercial Service Contract to provide their W2/W9 form to confirm they represent a valid business entity.

Cancellation: Except as specifically described in the Commercial Service Contract terms and conditions, no cancellations of an LPP will be allowed post purchase.

Refunds: Except as specifically described in the Commercial Service Contract terms and conditions, no refunds will be issued for any LPP Commercial Service Contract purchased, even if no claims for reimbursement are ever submitted by the Installer.

Click here to review all the LPP Commercial Service Contract terms and conditions.

Claims eligibility

  • As LPP will be tied to an installer ID, only Enlighten users belonging to the Parent company/Branch company of that Installer will be eligible to submit claims for reimbursement under this program.
  • Parties identified by the eligible Installer in Enlighten Manager as being a “Maintainer” will be able to view in Enlighten Manager the LPP status on a particular site. A Maintainer performing labor on behalf of an Installer may claim benefits only if the applicable Installer specifically authorizes Enphase’s direct payment to the Maintainer.
  • Once an Installer purchases an LPP Commercial Service Contract for a site, other Installers can also purchase LPP for the same site, if site eligibility criteria is met.