Enphase Installer Network

The Enphase Installer Network (EIN) is our trusted network of installers who deliver
exceptional homeowner experience using Enphase products. The EIN is designed to
strengthen our relationship with our partners and to accelerate their growth.

Our EIN partners are selected exclusively based on customer feedback,
product certification, and commitment towards Enphase products.

We have qualified our partners into three tiers - Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Platinum partners have the longest track record of exclusively installing Enphase products. They deliver exceptional quality and earn the highest customer satisfaction scores. They are certified to install Enphase storage products.

Gold partners have a long track record of installing Enphase products and consistently exhibit great customer experience ratings. Every Gold partner is certified to install Enphase storage products.

Silver partners have installed a sizeable number of Enphase solar systems. Some of our Silver partners are also certified to install Enphase storage products. Some of them are local businesses near you.

Why partner with us


The Enphase Installer Network is designed to help our partners grow their business
through branded merchandise and promotion, priority access to new products, discounted Labor
Protection Program, deeper engagement at the executive level, priority access
to products during allocation, access to zero-cost leads and other services.
We take pride in Our partners’ success and are here to help.



    The Enphase Installer Network is designed to promote a culture of customer
satisfaction and deliver quality services to homeowners using Enphase products.
The program requirements reflect Enphase's commitment to these values.


Partner success stories