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Certification Support Program Guidelines

Required steps before you can commission your first Ensemble system

Thank you for participating in the Enphase University Ensemble Design and installation Certification program. You must be provisionally certified to commission an Ensemble technology based system. Complete steps (1) and (2) below to achieve your Provisional Certification and get access to the Ensemble commissioning feature in Installer Toolkit.

Step 1: Complete the design Certification Training on Enphase University

A successful Enphase Ensemble energy management technology system starts with online training through Enphase University. If you've found your way to this page prior to enrolling, begin your training today at

Step 2: Complete a pre-installation design review

Prior to installation start, we require the submission of system design information as outlined in the following document, and completion of a design review by qualified Enphase Energy personnel.

TECHNICAL BRIEF: Keys to a Successful Ensemble Design Review »

Submit your design review by emailing to*. You’ll receive a response within three (3) business days with a determination of whether the requirement is complete or whether additional information is needed.

When all parties are satisfied that the design is complete, you’ll have earned your Provisional Certification to commission your first Enphase Ensemble energy management technology system.

* Always send designs to to from the email address you use to log into the Enphase University. If you are submitting a design on behalf of someone else at your company, please provide their name and email address. Always include the system street address, city and state, and for commissioned systems, the Enlighten system ID (when known), with each email communication.

When Commissioning your first system, PRINT and BRING the following document for a successful installation.

TECH BRIEF: Ensemble Commissioning with Installer Toolkit 3.0 >>

Step 3: Attend hands-on training at a regional training center

Full certification requires attendance at one of our hands-on trainings at an Enphase lab facility. Hands-on training must be completed within one quarter of the opening of a regional training center near you. If your business is not near one of our regional training centers, you can book our Mobile Classroom through your Enphase sales manager, or attend a scheduled Mobile Classroom training at a location near you.

As you know, with the advance of COVID-19 globally, we made the decision to postpone all in-person Ensemble technology training events.

We expect to resume in-person training in Q1 of 2021, the global pandemic permitting. We will email students who have completed their online training, when the new training schedule becomes available. Registration for the lab training requires successful completion completion of the online Ensemble Certification Training through Enphase University.