Why are all of my panels changing color at the same time (no shading pattern)?

Understand why Enlighten displays individual and system-level data in different ways

If you see all of the panels on a system changing color at the same time, you are seeing a system-level view. The system-level view is based on the average of the production across all modules in the system.

You see a system-level view in these cases:

  • On very large systems, Enlighten displays a system-level view when the entire system is visible. In this case, use the zoom slider to isolate a subsection of the system and display module-level data.
  • The summary tab always shows a system-level view.
  • The version of Enlighten designed for system owners (rather than solar professionals) shows system-level information exclusively. If you do not have a Devices tab in the upper-right corner of the screen, you have the system owner version of Enlighten.
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