What is required to pass Stage 4 – System Operational?

Learn how Enlighten Manager determines that Stage 4 - Systems Operational - of the Activation checklist - has been completed

System Operational means that the system has operated with no issues for 24 hours after the “Permission to Operate” date.

If you believe that a system should have cleared this check but has not, try the following:

  • Check the Permission to Operate date on the Settings tab. If the date is in the future, change it to match the permission to operate date.
  • Check the status of the microinverters on the Devices list. If any microinverter has a status other than Normal, click its status link to see current issues for that device. Click on an issue for more information and recommended action. If needed, refer to the appropriate microinverter installation manual.

If you’ve tried these actions and the system does not clear System Operational, contact Enphase Customer Support.

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