What is required to pass Stage 3 – System Operation Verified?

Read how Stage 3 of the Activation checklist - System Operation Verified - works

System Operation Verified means that:

  • The Envoy has detected the expected number of microinverters based on the number entered in Total Number of PV Modules.
  • The Envoy and microinverters are functioning as expected.
  • The system has produced energy.

If you believe that the system should have cleared Stage 3 – System Operation Verified but has not, try the following:

  • Check the microinverter count on the Envoy LCD screen. Refer to the Envoy manual for troubleshooting steps if the count doesn’t match the number of microinverters installed.
  • Make sure that the Envoy is reporting to Enlighten (indicated by +Web on the LCD screen). If the screen shows –Web, try the steps described here to restore the connection between the Envoy and Enlighten.
  • If the Envoy LCD screen shows the expected number of microinverters and +Web, check the status of the microinverters on the Devices list in Enlighten. If any microinverters show issues, refer to the Envoy manual for additional troubleshooting steps, or contact Enphase Customer Support..

If you’ve tried these actions and the system does not clear System Operation Verified, contact Enphase Customer Support.

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