What is a Production Threshold and how does it work?

Learn what Production Threshold means and how Enlighten uses this information

Enlighten uses the Production Threshold to evaluate a system’s energy production level relative to estimated production data. You must first provide estimated production for Enlighten to enable the Production Threshold.

When you provide estimated production for a system, Enlighten enables the production threshold, and uses it to determine if that system is experiencing a Production Issue.

You can configure a system’s Production Threshold in the Production Estimate & Theshold panel of the Settings tab.

  • Use the checkbox to enable or disable the Production Threshold.
  • Select the Time Period (90 days or 30 days). This setting determines how far in the past Enlighten evaluates performance against estimated production. The 90 day default allows for more variations in weather and other temporary conditions.
  • Select the percentage of estimated production that the system must produce to avoid a status of Production Issue. The default is 90%; you can change it to any 5% increment between 50% and 95%.
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