What is a grid profile and how do I set it?

Read how to set the grid profile to meet your local requirements


  • If you are installing a system in the continental United States, you do not need to set a grid profile, as the factory-installed setting is correct.
  • If you are installing a system in Hawaii or outside of the United States, you must set a location-specific grid profile.

A grid profile is a collection of frequency and voltage settings that defines acceptable operating parameters for Enphase microinverters. Applying a grid profile ensures compliance and interoperability with the local electric utility. Microinverters reference the grid profile to determine if the electric grid is operating outside the normal range.

For example, if the microinverter detects that the electric utility grid voltage exceeds the Over Voltage Limit setting of the grid profile, it trips offline and stops exporting power to the electrical grid. When the microinverter detects that normal grid operation has returned (an acceptable voltage range in this case), it goes back online and resumes exporting power.

You can use Enlighten to select the location-specific grid profile during system activation. Once the Envoy is connected to the Internet, Enlighten instructs the Envoy to send your selected grid profile to the microinverters. You can also consult the Envoy Installation and Operations manual for instructions to set the grid profile from the Envoy.

Selecting a Grid Profile during System Activation

  1. On the Activations form, enter the system address in the Location section. Entering the system address displays the appropriate grid profile menu options.
  2. In the Envoy section, select the appropriate grid profile from the drop-down list. Note: If you don’t see the Grid Profile drop-down menu or if the correct grid profile is not included in the list, make sure that you have selected the correct state and country.
  3. Make sure that you have completed the other required fields on the Activations form, then click Save.
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