What is an Enlighten Manager Demonstration User?

Understand the purpose of the Enlighten Manager Demonstration User and how it can benefit installers

As an Enphase installer, it’s useful to set up a Demonstration User to show the advantages of Enlighten Manager’s monitoring capabilities. Create one Demonstration User for your company and share the login information to those interested in viewing Enlighten Manager.

A Demonstration User can view all of your company’s systems that meet the criteria for display on the installer reference list. For each of these systems, a demonstration user can see the array view, energy and power production graph, reports, devices list, events, system summary, and settings tab. Demonstration users can view both system and module-level data.

A Demonstration User cannot see systems whose owners have chosen not to share them publicly, modify system data, or update user account information like email address or password.

If you would like visitors to your website to view Enlighten Manager, publish a link to the Enlighten login page along with your company’s Demonstration User email address and password.

To create a Demonstration User you need a valid email address. Follow the instructions for adding a new user here. Enphase suggests that you set up a general email address for your company (like demo@joesolar.com) to use as the log in for your Demonstration User. Your company Administrator can reset the Demonstration User email address or password if needed.

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