What to do when microinverters are not reporting

Identifying the communication failure.

We will check the microinverter’s behaviour and correct functioning by looking at the PV array.Click on the View tab to see the microinverter layout.

Microinverters failing to communicate will be shown in grey on the PV array.(vs black, when they are communicating but not producing).

Example:Four microinverters are not communicating.

We want to check for:
- How many microinverters are affected?A single microinverter?A group?All?
- Any pattern?A group?Three-phase system?Randomly?
- Is one (or multiple) IQ Relay installed?What is the status?
- Have they reported and produced before?

How to check if they have reported and produced before?

Checking the lifetime production of that microinverter.You can do this by:
- Selecting Energy > Lifetime from the drop-down menu
- Clicking on Lifetime directly on the right part of the PV array.

If they have never produced, it is very likely to be an issue with the original installation. Either they have not been detected/provisioned (link to How to detect microinverters page) or there is a wiring issue.

You can also see if they have produced before under “Lifetime energy” on the “Devices” tab:

One microinverter not reporting

The microinverter has never reported

If the microinverter has never communicated/produced before even after having launched a scan or provisioned the microinverter serial number, we need to check the connection.The LED light status on the microinverter might be helpful to knowing where the issue might be.(link to how to detect microinverters)

Please note:The ultimate test to determine whether there is an issue with the microinverter or other (wiring, panel etc.) is by cross-checking the microinverter that is not working with one that is.If the microinverter starts and the previously working microinverter stops, the issue is not coming from the microinverter.

The microinverter has reported before

If only one microinverter is not reporting, it might be isolated to that microinverter. It could be due to a damaged panel, a connection that is loose or a faulty microinverter.You can submit a warranty request.(link with instructions to SOTG/Service Manager)

A group or all of the microinverters are no longer reporting

The issue won’t come from the microinverters itself but the microinverters are most likely not receiving the AC voltage. First, we can check if there are any circuit breakers that might have tripped.

If there is an IQ Relay installed, we will check the devices tab for more information on this device.

If the IQ Relay is not reporting, LED lights of the IQ Relay and circuit breakers need to be checked.A circuit breaker might have tripped.

If the IQ Relay is in error status (other than not reporting), please contact Enphase Technical Support for assistance.Please make sure in advance that the grid profile is correct and up to date.

If it is a group of microinverters, connected on the same IQ Relay and part of the microinverters are working, the issue will most likely be in the junction box for that particular branch.

If it is a 3P system and we see a pattern where every third microinverter is not working, it is most likely to be a wiring issue for that specific phase.

PLC communication issues

If microinverters are not reporting correctly, or they are dropping out from time to time, the PLC communication might be affected even though the microinverters will continue to produce correctly.

This particular behaviour consists of the microinverters dropping out from time to time or only uploading averages for the time that they had lost the communication instead of updating the values with every 15-minute interval.We are able to see this in the Power:Past 7 days view when we select it from the drop-down menu.

Example of the behaviour across three separate days..

As the Gateway communicates with the microinverters via PLC, where it is connected electrically is very important.It needs to be hard-wired on a circuit breaker just next to the circuit breaker for the microinverters for the best and most direct communication.

If this is the case and there is noise on the line, installation of toroid rings or filters might be required.Refer to documentation on how to install them.