How does the Activation checklist work?

Read about the Enlighten Activation checklist and how it helps with system installation

The Activation Checklist tracks the progress of your Enphase installation. Activation checks are grouped into stages, which correspond to activities that typically happen together. Some checks require your input, while others are automatically evaluated by Enlighten.

Stage 1 – Started
You can start an activation at any time. Stage 1 is complete when the following checks are cleared:

  • Owner Entered requires the system owner’s first name, last name, and email address. Enlighten uses this information to generate a user account for the system owner.
  • Location Entered requires the complete address for the location of the installed system. Enlighten uses this information to map the site, set the time zone, and get local weather for the system.
  • Envoy(s) Entered requires at least one valid Envoy serial number. Enlighten uses this information to detect when an Envoy for this system is connected.

Stage 2 – Connecting
In this stage, Enlighten confirms that the Envoy(s) you entered in Stage 1 is reporting. Once the Envoy(s) Reported check clears, the system is accessible in the Enlighten Systems list. Enphase recommends that you clear this check before installing the microinverters. This will ensure that the Envoy has time to download any firmware updates that may be necessary. Get help with clearing this check.

Stage 3 – Verifying
The checks in Stage 3 confirm that the Envoy and microinverters have been installed successfully. Enphase recommends that you complete this stage before leaving the installation site. This stage is complete when Enlighten verifies the following:

  • Good Communication Established indicates that the signal strength between the Envoy and the microinverters is at least three bars. Get help with clearing this check.
  • System Operation Verified indicates that the Envoy has detected the expected number of microinverters, that they are functioning as expected, and that the system has produced energy. Get help with clearing this check.

Stage 4 – Ready
This stage can be completed at any time after the system has been installed and is the last part of the activation process. It is complete when the following checks are cleared:

  • Arrays Built indicates that you have created a virtual array and that microinverter serial numbers have been assigned to their locations in the array. Get help with clearing this check.
  • System Operational indicates that the system has operated with no issues for 24 hours after the “Permission to Operate” date. Get help with clearing this check.
  • Access Granted to Owner indicates that Enlighten has sent an email to notify the system owner that the system is ready to view in Enlighten.
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