How do I use the graph?

Read about Enlighten's graph capabilities

Use the Enlighten Manager graph to view energy or power over time. The graph shows different information for each system, depending on the system’s configuration and your level of access to the its data.

The default view of the graph shows the full system’s power production for the past seven days.

If the system has an Envoy-S with consumption monitoring or AC Batteries installed, the graph also shows power consumed and storage activity (if the resident of the home has given you access to view that data).

To view a graph for a specific microinverter, you must first drill down to the the device.

To switch the view from power to energy or to change the dates of the graph, use the Energy and Power drop-down menu.

If the system has a multi-phase meter, you can select the Show phases checkbox to see per-phase information.

If the system uses the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem, you may notice a blue dashed line across the bottom of the Power Graph, which represents pending data. The dashed line starts at the time the Envoy last reported data, and extends to the current time. When you hover over the dashed line, a tooltip explains why the data is not present and displays the next expected report time.

Use the following controls to interact with the graph:

  • Click the labels in the legend to show or hide values on the graph.

  • Click and drag the date sliders at the base of the graph to zoom in to a particular date range.

  • Mouse over the graph to view details for a specific point in time.

  • Print or download the graph using the menu at the top of the graph.

Additional functionality is available when you view a graph for a specific microinverter (read more).

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