How do I use the Envoy page?

Learn about Enlighten's Envoy features and how to get the most from them

Use the Envoy page to check communication between Enlighten and the Envoy, check power line communications from microinverters, rescan for newly added microinverters, and view events and issues.

Navigate to the Envoy page by selecting an Envoy from the System and Device drop-down menu.

The Envoy page has two tabs, View and Events. If the Envoy uses the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem for communication to Enlighten, a third tab provides details about the cellular modem.

From View, you can check Web and power line communication, scan for new microinverters, and update Envoy software.

Web Communication

View the Web Communication panel to check communication status between Enlighten and the Envoy, as well as the connection type: Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • A green checkmark indicates normal communication. The most recent Envoy report time also displays.

  • A warning symbol indicates no communication. You may need to troubleshoot Envoy communication.

The Web Communication panel also indicates the Envoy’s report setting. There are two options: Standard, which typically reports 5-minute interval data to Enlighten every 5 minutes during daylight hours, and Low-Bandwidth, which reports 15-minute interval data to Enlighten four times per day. If the Envoy uses the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem and data plan for communication to Enlighten, the report setting is Low-Bandwidth and cannot be changed.

Power Line Communication

View the Power Line Communication panel to check signal strength between the microinverters and the Envoy, and the status of the detected microinverters.

  • A green checkmark with three to five bars indicates good signal strength

  • Two bars indicates fair signal strength.

  • One bar indicates poor signal strength. Poor signal strength may indicate that the Envoy is too far away from the load center or that there is interference on the power lines.

  • Zero bars indicates that PLC communication between the Envoy and microinverters is temporarily unavailable.

  • If there are fewer than three bars during daylight hours, you may need to troubleshoot power line communication.
Microinverter Status​

View microinverter status and compare the number of microinverters detected to the number of microinverters communicating and producing power.

  • Green checkmarks display when the numbers match and operating conditions are normal.

  • If the number of microinverters communicating or producing does not match the number detected during daylight hours, you may need to troubleshoot a microinverter communication or power production issue, or Scan for New Devices if you’ve added or replaced microinverters.

PLC details are unavailable if there is no Web communication or when a Check Signal Strength is in progress.

  • Scroll down to Tasks if you want to check signal strength check, scan for new microinverters, or update Envoy software.
  • Click Check Signal Strength to check the signal strength between the Envoy and the microinverters. Do this, for example, if you have moved the Envoy or if you are determining the best location for the Envoy.
  • Click Scan for New Devices to perform a rescan if you’ve added modules to the system or replaced microinverters.
  • Check the Envoy software status and update if needed.

NOTE: When you select Check Signal Strength, Rescan for Devices, or Software Update, the selection buttons are disabled until Enlighten receives confirmation from Envoy that the tasks are complete.

From Events, you can view Current Issues and the Event History for the Envoy.

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