How do I use the array view?

See how to access and navigate Enlighten's array view

The Enlighten Array View provides an overview of energy and power production, and status of the system components.

The default view displays system energy production for the current day. Use the Energy/Power Production drop-down menu to change the date range or to switch to the power production time-lapse animation.

Enlighten uses a color scale to indicate energy or power production. The legend on the left of the screen indicates the production values represented by the colors on the panels.

Numbers on the panels indicate per-panel energy production for the selected date range or point-in-time measurements of power production when viewing the power time-lapse animation. The number in the lower-left corner indicates system-wide production.

Click on a panel to display the microinverter status and serial number. Click the serial number and the screen updates to display production values for the selected microinverter. Click the graph icon ( ) and the screen updates to display the graph for that microinverter.

The zoom slider and bird’s eye view window are helpful when navigating in larger systems.

For large (>600 modules) systems with more than one array, you must select a single array to view per-panel energy production. To select a single array, click the array on the map view or select it from the drop-down list.

Additional controls are available when viewing the power production time-lapse animation.

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