How do I upload a background image to the Virtual Array?

Learn how to change preferences for the virtual array in Enlighten

Use Array Builder to upload an image as the background for your virtual array.

  1. Open Array Builder.
  2. Click the Background icon to open the Background panel.
  3. Click Upload from the Background panel.
  4. Click Browse, then select the file to upload. Click Upload Image after the file name displays next the Browse button.

    Array Builder displays a message that the file upload is successful. Click the array builder link to return to Array Builder.
  5. Click the Background icon to re-open the Background panel, then use the Opacity, Rotate and move, and Scale tools until the image displays as desired. Click OK to close the Background panel.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Close icon to exit Array Builder.
  8. Click View System to preview the virtual array with the uploaded background image, or click Close to return to the Activation form or Settings page.
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