How do I troubleshoot a Meter Issue system status?

Enlighten declares a Meter Issue (Setting Icon) system status when it detects a possible problem with the CT or storage measurements. In general, a Meter Issue indicates a system where on-site maintenance may be required.

CT Measurements

The production or consumption measurements received by Enlighten are negative. If the system has both production and consumption CTs installed, you can see which meter is affected by checking the meter status on the Devices screen. To troubleshoot this, check CT orientation and leads, compared with voltage measurements.

Storage Measurements

The consumption measurements received by Enlighten do not appear to include storage activity. There are two possible wiring issues that can cause this:

  • The circuit passing through the production CT includes AC Batteries.
  • The circuit passing through the consumption CT does not include AC Batteries.

The Meter Issue status will continue to display until Enlighten receives 24 hours of meter measurements that indicate the problem has been addressed.

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