How do I troubleshoot a Meter Failed to Report status?

Get the steps on how to diagnose system status messages

If you see a Meter Not Reporting status, it usually means that the system has a revenue grade meter (RGM) and that the RGM has stopped communicating with the Envoy. Occasional instances of this message may be ignored, as a temporary interference to the radio signal may cause this condition.

If the Meter Not Reporting message persists, then the USB ZigBee radio stick may have stopped communicating. This can typically be addressed by the system owner and should not require a maintenance visit. Ask the system owner to perform the following tasks in the order listed to restore the communication:

  • Make sure that the USB ZigBee radio stick is fully inserted into the Envoy.envoy_zigbee_stick
  • Some Envoys have a second USB port. Try moving the USB stick to the other port.
  • Power cycle (unplug the power cord from AC outlet, then plug back in) the Envoy to restart the Envoy-to-USB communications.

If this message remains after the system owner has performed these troubleshooting activities, the site may require a repeater to boost signal strength. Refer to the RGM Metering and Management Installation Manual for details.

If the system has a power meter instead of an RGM, verify that the power meter has power. If the meter is powered on and Enlighten still displays the Meter Failed to Report, contact Enphase Customer Support for further troubleshooting.

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