How do I filter by numeric values in the Systems List?

Get tips on filtering functionality with the Systems List

Use the following guidelines to filter the Systems List by numeric values, such as Current Power, Today’s Energy, or % of Estimated.

Enter the value that you want to filter by along with operator symbols, like “=” or “>” in the field at the top of the column. Enlighten accepts the operator syntax shown in the following table.

Operator Symbol Means Example
> X Greater than X > 10
>= X Greater than or equal to X >= 10
< X Less than X < 10
<= X Less than or equal to X <= 10
X..Y Range of X to Y 10..15
!= X value is not X !=10
X exactly equals 10
NULL value is empty  
!=NULL value is not empty  

If you don’t enter a unit of measurement, Enlighten assumes you mean kWh for energy and W for power. For example, >= 30 in the Today’s Energy field displays systems that have produced >= 30 kWh today.

Enlighten accepts the following prefixes for energy (Wh) and power (W): k (1,000),

M (1,000,000), G (1,000,000,000), T (1,000,000,000,000). You can also enter decimal points, for example <5.5 kWh. Spaces are ignored, so <7 is the same as < 7. Do not enter the thousandths separator (use 1000, not 1,000).

For example, to list systems that have produced 50 MWh or more of Lifetime Energy:

  1. Enter >= 50 MWh in the Lifetime field.
  2. Click the Search icon or press Enter.

Enlighten doesn’t validate your filter criteria so if you enter invalid values, Enlighten returns no result.

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