How do I co-brand the MyEnlighten view with my company information?

Read how to modify features of customer Enlighten pages, such as how to co-brand the MyEnlighten view

MyEnlighten is the solar monitoring experience designed specifically for system owners. By co-branding your customer’s MyEnlighten view with your company logo, description and support contact information, you can:

  • Generate sales leads from visitors to your customers’ system pages
  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you directly for support

The company logo and description display at the top of the MyEnlighten view and are visible to people who visit the page when system owners share their system on Facebook or another social network.

The company’s support contact information (phone number and/or email address) displays on the MyEnlighten Help screen.

Support contact information is also accessible to a system owner when a system is experiencing a production issue.

Your company’s Enlighten administrator can add this information in Enlighten Manager by selecting the Account tab, then clicking Company Information on the left panel.

Complete the highlighted areas and save changes. Read more about uploading a company logo.

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