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At Enphase, quality is everything.

When you invest in solar, you deserve a system you can count on -- today, tomorrow, and for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way. We see quality as the core of our business, so we've built our entire production model around a focus on quality at every stage. Cutting-edge design, the industry's most rigorous reliability testing, meticulous manufacturing, and continuous feedback from units in the field. It's an intensive process, but the end result is simple: products that hold up, year after year.

Blueprint diagram of Enphase solar inverter outlining the specific parts of the inverter


Quality by design.

Innovative design is the first step towards building products of the highest possible quality. Each microinverter component represents tens of thousands of hours of thought, research, testing, and perfecting, aimed at making each piece as rugged, efficient, and long-lasting as possible. Refined over five generations, they come together for a final product that sets the industry standard for reliability.

Microinverters are solid state
Solid State vs Moving Parts
Other Inverters utilze moving parts that can fail

Enphase Microinverters have no moving parts.

It's simple but true: the more moving parts in a system, the more frequently something breaks. In an Enphase system, all the action takes place inside a small, efficient box. String inverters are complicated, with lots of separate and easily breakable components, such as fans. If one tiny part breaks in a string solar inverter, it can cause the whole system to fail.

Image of microinverter with words around it that say

Reliability begins with a focus on quality.

We've always understood that quality isn't something you can tack on at the end -- to build truly reliable products, you have to make quality your focus from day one. From design to engineering to manufacturing, every stage of the process focuses on reaffirming that we're making the highest-quality solar inverter possible.

Illustration or icon of paper with a green seal to represent the Enphase 25-year warranty

A 20-year warranty, out of the box

We stand by our solar inverters with an industry-highest 20-year warranty. Because you've already got enough things to worry about, and replacing your solar shouldn't be one of them.

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