How do I run a report?

Review instructions on how to run your reports on your solar array's power production
  1. To generate a report, scroll down to the Energy Reports panel.

  2. Click the report type you want to generate (Daily Energy, Monthly Energy or Recent Power). A description of each report type is provided below.
  3. Select the date or date range if needed.
  4. Click Run Report.

MyEnlighten displays the report on your screen. You can print or email any report. You can also export a .csv file for Daily Energy or Recent Power.

The Daily Energy report shows energy produced each day.

The Monthly Energy report shows your system energy production by week. This report also lists the peak power for each week and energy production for the previous month and year-to-date. It also includes your carbon offset for the month.

The Recent Power report lists one week (seven days) of power production measurements in 5-minute increments.

You can also run reports in the Enlighten mobile app. Simply tap through to the Menu screen and select Reports. The reporting options are the same as those presented in MyEnlighten.

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