What is the difference between paid Enlighten Manager and the free per-panel energy data offering?

Enlighten Manager offers many benefits beyond per panel energy data. Enlighten Manager features include:

  • Per panel power data. This feature lets you see how your panels are performing in real-world conditions in 15-minute data intervals. If your system is connected via cellular, data is refreshed four times per day with collected 15-minute data intervals
  • Power playback for a selected period. This video feature lets you identify shading patterns that may be impacting your production, and lets you know when it may be time to trim your trees. You can also more clearly identify patterns associated with seasonal changes and plan your energy consumption accordingly
  • Detailed graphing. The graphing features let you see exactly what your microinverters are measuring from AC voltage and frequency to the DC voltage of your panels and the AC power output at different times of the day. Graphing features can help you understand any variations of interest to you
  • Array builder access. Update your array with new background images and new modules if you expand your system
  • Estimate your production with smart tools and receive alerts when your system is performing below expectations
  • Per panel (microinverter) alerts and notifications based on the severity