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Five reasons to invest in solar panels for home

Jul 27, 2021

With the onset of the pandemic, most of our daily routine has moved indoors. As we work, learn, shop—do nearly everything—at home to cope with the pandemic, electricity is a necessary facilitator. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that in July 2021, India recorded an all-time high demand for domestic energy.

To many Indian homeowners, this implies paying high electricity bills every month. But wait—does it? What if you could power your home without incurring hefty bills and with clean, emissions-free energy? Yes, a solar panel system can do that and much more for you.

A solar panel system converts sunlight into electricity to power your home, save you money, and minimize your carbon footprint. From air conditioners and refrigerators to fans and lights, everything can run on solar.

Here are five reasons why investing in solar energy is the right decision in 2021:

Save now and in the long run

In Bengaluru, a monthly electricity bill of INR 3000 can drop to INR 230 with the effective use of a 2.9 kW solar panel system comprising seven panels. The solar panels may pay back your investment in seven years, and you may save over nine lakh rupees in 25 years.

With electricity prices on the rise, savings are more important than ever before. In Karnataka, for instance, the Karnataka Electricity Regularity Commission (KERC) recently announced a hike of 30 paise per unit, on average. You won't have to worry about such hikes in electricity tariffs when you switch over your power source to solar. Visit the Enphase System Estimator to get an instant solar system estimation and calculate savings now and in the long run.

Also, did you know that you can send the electricity generated at home to the grid through a gross metering or net metering connection, and that the power distribution company will reimburse you in return? In Delhi, net metering has opened doors for 3,000 rooftop solar panel systems to power a collective load of a 106-megawatt peak. Net metering and gross metering schemes vary by state. You should contact your power distribution company to get more details.

Get the best of safety and service

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power. When connected to a microinverter, they provide safe alternating current (AC). Each microinverter connects to a single solar panel, ensuring that other panels power your home if one fails. As such, solar panels don't need much maintenance! Clean the panels with a soft cloth occasionally to ensure efficiency.

Go green with clean energy

Did you know that India is the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases? Our coal-based power sector accounts for one-third of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy is renewable and emissions-free, offering a solution to India's pollution crisis. As an Indian, the time to invest in clean energy is now. We need to protect the environment for future generations so that they can enjoy it just as much as we do.

Take advantage of subsidies

The Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Program initiated by The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy offers a ray of hope to homeowners looking to harness solar energy. Valid until December 2022, the program offers the following subsidies on grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems:

  • 40% central financial assistance (CFA) for solar system capacities of up to 3-kilowatt peak (kWp)
  • 20% CFA for solar system capacities beyond three kWp and up to 10 kWp

If you are looking to benefit from CFA, connect with power distributing companies (DISCOMs) in your locality as a first step. Keep in mind that your CFA rates depend on the state or union territory you live in.

Increase your home’s property value

A solar panel system may enhance your home’s value. Affordable electricity tariffs, clean energy, and low maintenance are a few of the compelling advantages that solar offers a prospective buyer. As the size, age, and efficiency of your solar system impact the property value, a one-size-fits-all approach to analyzing property value may not work.

Solar panels for home is becoming an increasingly sensible investment for homeowners. India receives ample sunlight for around 300 days in a year, making solar a viable energy source. For a homeowner, solar power is one investment with many benefits.

If you are interested in pursuing solar, contact us today! We can help set up your system or answer any questions about how Enphase Energy works so that you feel confident making this decision.