Enphase is built to perform

  • No single point of failure

    With string inverters, if one panel is soiled, shaded or degrades faster over time than other panels, the whole system drops output performance to the lowest performing panel. Not so with Enphase. Every Enphase panel still maximises electricity output regardless. This means that the electricity output of your Enphase system is higher over time than with any other inverter.

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    High Uptime

    An Enphase solar system works much harder and maximises each and every solar day. Microinverters operate independently, so each panel performs to its fullest. One shaded or dirty panel won't affect the rest of the system. Plus, burst technology lets microinverters produce more at dawn, dusk, and in low-light conditions, for a longer solar day.

    Watch this video to see how each panel still performs at its best.

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    Safer Solar

    Enphase microinverters are extremely low in voltage — only between 48-60V — which is even less than the voltage of a small desk fan. This means that there is next to no risk of any electrical shocks resulting from your Enphase system.

    In contrast, a conventional string system can easily reach more than 10 times the voltage — 600V and more are not uncommon. Special switches like DC isolators are hence required on your roof, which add to the inherent risk of arc faults and electrical shocks.

With Enphase, you will know that you have a solar system on your roof that is much safer for you and your family.

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    Enphase gets the job done better than string

    1. Enphase microinverters outperform any string inverter system over time.

    2. Enphase microinverters are hidden away on your roof.There's no big box to install on the outside of your house.

    3. Enphase microinverters are inherently safer than string systems.

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