The Enphase
AC Module

Solar installations just got faster.

Enphase AC modules

Our AC Modules fully integrate leading solar modules and Enphase microinverters. Leading photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing companies combine their solar panels and our microinverters into truly integrated units, making solar installations faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Built-in reliability

Our industry-leading 10-year microinverter limited warranty is included in every AC module. The same rigorous testing for microinverter performance and reliability applies to integrated solutions.

Faster installation.

Enjoy a 20%-40% reduction in installation time relative to Enphase Solar without AC Module integration. It's fewer trips up the ladder and less waste.

Supply chain simplicity.

The Enphase IQ 7+ recesses into the frame of the AC Series Module or racking, saving storage space and simplifying the purchasing process.


No inverters to unpack and mount, no high-voltage DC connections, all-AC cable management, single frame attached clips. This saves time and improves the quality of every installation.

Designed for longevity.

Enphase AC Modules use an innovative patent-pending design that allows for both compact shipping and sufficient airflow between the microinverter and PV module.

Tested, and then tested again.

Each solar manufacturer tests its solar modules for optimal performance and then tests them again once they are AC Modules. It's added quality control to last the long term.

AC Modules: Fast and Easy to Install

This next-generation of clean energy solutions delivers value and performance for both installers and homeowners.

Get a connected home powered
by the Enphase Home Energy Solution

Enphase Energized AC Modules are an integral part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, a system that combines energy production, storage, management, and monitoring to make your home energy simpler and smarter than ever before.

Get started today with innovative AC Modules.

Enjoy easier installations along with the reliability that you can expect from Enphase.

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