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Brent and Berwyn Testimonial

We had ten (10) solar panels installed in May 2016, as a way of gaining some independence from the power company. I have our spa pool and hot water controlled by timers. We try to spread the load of other appliances when these are not in use. Even though we were using our solar as efficiently as we could, we found we still were exporting up to 50 percent of our generated solar power, particularly over summer. So we had three (3) 1.2 kw batteries installed in May this year, which has made a huge difference. We are now using over 80 percent of our own power.

-- Brent and Berwyn Mason

Dianne Wilkins & Dale Eder Testimonial

Our system was installed April 2017. Our pre-solar Origin Energy account for Nov/Dec 2016+Jan 2017 = $778.86. Our Origin Energy Account for Nov/Dec 2017+Jan 2018 (same period exactly, now with solar) = $8.52. Yes, almost zero!!!

The house is an "all electric" household (no gas available). So the figures above cover all hot water via a "standard" 400 litre off-peak storage tank.

-- Dianne Wilkins & Dale Eder

Jim Sheaves Testimonial

On cessation of the government subsidy, after seven years in credit, my bill soared to $200. I installed six (6) additional panels and two (2) 1.2 kW batteries. First quarter bill - $75.

Found a battery charge adjustment program and experimented. Second quarter bill - $26.

Settled on charging batteries from 1am to 4pm in off peak @0.15c/kWh. Third & latest bill - $0.75c credit. That will do me!

-- Jim Sheaves

Andrew Smith Testimonial

We have sixteen (16) panels and microinverters, with two arranged to capture morning sun and fourteen for the afternoon sun. The peak performance is around 3.2 kW, but in summer the power starts before 7am and continues until nearly 8 pm. On those days we produce from 20 to 25 kW hours per day and use about 1/3 of this. I use the time of greatest output to heat our hot water. Instead of doing things "off peak" at night these items have been shifted to daytime when the solar power is available. So our peak use of electricity is close to zero and our off peak use has been reduced by about 25 percent.

-- Andrew Smith

Br. Garry Hill Testimonial

Our system of 95 panels has produced 43,313 kWh, and our other system at Stat of the Sea friary produced 48,079 kWh in 2017. This has cut our electricity bill by 55% and cut back our carbon offset by 63 tons.

I love this system. I can check each day on performance of the panels. As franciscans this is also reducing the carbon. Thanks.

-- Br. Garry Hill

  • Enphase AC Battery

    We had our Enphase system installed in December 2016 and we love using MyEnlighten! Information on power usage and production is readily available via the MyEnlighten website or mobile app and having that regular feedback gives us the confidence to manage daily energy use, while still ensuring enough Enphase battery capacity for the evening.

    Another great feature of MyEnlighten is that it also allows us to schedule a 'top up' of the Enphase batteries overnight with off peak power from the grid if necessary to avoid using peak rate power in the morning.

    - Mark Derbyshire