What does it mean to grant API access to my system?

Learn to manage your system’s API settings for all applications and granting access

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a way for other software, like a mobile app for example, to connect with Enlighten and access system performance data. By default, all systems in Enlighten allow API access. As system owner, you can manage your system’s API settings for all applications, or for a single application.

When API access for your system is enabled, each application must request access to your system data. You then grant (allow) API access for the application to connect to Enlighten.

An application requests API access through a link like this, either in an email or embedded in the application itself:


To grant API access:

  1. Click the link presented to you. This directs you to Enlighten; you may be asked to log in.
  2. An access page like the one shown here displays. Read the application description if you like.
  3. Click Yes, allow access.
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